60 yard magnum, Musashi  Acknowledgement, Unsui Kongo  Berserker, Rikya Gahou  Beyond the Thorns, music Of Shoujo Kakumei Utena  Bite to Death, Maruko (Marco) Reiji  Brute Force, Shin Seijuro  Buts 'em ass! YA-HA! -Deimon Devil Bats  Celestial, Music of Ayashi no Ceres  Cheer up!, Suzuna Taki  Chemistry, Sena and Suzuna  Devil Duo, Agon and Hiruma  Devil's Partner, Hiruma & Musashi  Elements of Sound: The Flame of Recca Music Fanlisting  God's Shadow, Agon & Unsui  Gunshot Showdown, Kid  In the moonlight, music of Full moon wo sagashite  JUDGEMENT, music of Death Note  KHR ° FM - Katekyou Hitman Reborn music  Kin Te, Murata Yusuke  Listen to my song, music of Macross Frontier  Misterious Seagod, Kakei Shun  Never gonna give up! - Breakthrough  Rakuen, Blaze Away  Sakuraba Haruto  Sasaki Kotaro  Searching for Our Dreams, music of Nana  Sky is the Limit, Eyeshield 21  Spider Poison, Akaba Hayato  Sublime Voice, Atsushi Tamura  Sweetest Melody, music of Romeo x Juliet  The Colour of Music, murics of Nodame Cantabile  The Knight and the Running Devil, Shin and Sena  Tokyo Illusion, music of Kaikan Phrase  Vibration, Music of Code geass  Worship the Evil God, Kongou Agon

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